#Bomb: Νέο τραγούδι από την Iggy Azalea

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Written by George Michail
Εδώ και πολύ καιρό ακούμε για το επερχόμενο νέο album της Iggy Azalea ‘Digital Distortion’ που ποτέ δεν κυκλοφορεί και έχει καταντήσει σαν το γεφύρι της Άρτας . Η ίδια πριν λίγες ώρες μας διαβεβαίωσε πως σύντομα θα κυκλοφορήσει:

Hi Guys,

I have decided to include one of the songs from my upcoming album ‘Digital Distortion’ on the new Def Jam #DirectDeposit tape.

You can listen to the song by streaming their playlist tomorrow (March 3).

I’ll post the direct links tomorrow!

Also I felt it was important to say; I know its been a long wait for my album – SORRY!

I hope my fans understand my life has been filled with so many personal changes. I felt it was important I made some creative changes too – I needed my album to reflect where my heads at in 2017.

I really appreciate the patience & I’m so excited for all the new music, new visuals, album preorder dates etc. I’ll be releasing throughout the month of March.

Thanks for your support <3 IGGY

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